The Magic Forest

NEW - The Magic Forest book, the system and the art.

The Magic Tree - Magic Forest Icon T Shirts
The Magic Tree - Magic Forest Icon T Shirts

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The Magic Forest - Wellbeing system, art and products.

'The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing’ is a thorough overview of everything wellbeing, a simple visual system for exploring your own wellbeing one step at a time.

'Truly engaging, beautiful and really really useful. 30 years in the making... Si Homfray, the author, is discovering he has a great tool and a modern phenomenon on his hands here'.

An original and all round comprehensive visual system for wellbeing. Succinct and elegant The Magic Forest system allows the reader, novice or expert, to tackle the complex learning required for complete and well balanced physical and mental health, one keyword at a time in a straightforward, interesting and stress free way.

The Magic Forest - System Book

This NEW, modern and elegant work breaks new ground. A really useful all round agenda for everything wellbeing.

The Magic Forest - Art Collection

The Magic Forest Collection features original art work and high quality fine art prints from Si Homfray.

The Magic Forest - T Shirts

Soft Feel, Organic Cotton, Fair Trade T Shirts featuring the beautiful drawings from the Magic Forest Book.

The Magic Forest - Stationery

The Magic Forest System: Notebooks, Greetings Cards and Posters.

The Magic Forest - Mini Books

There are seven individual Mini Books, One for each tree (chapter) from the full Book 'The Magic Forest'.

The Magic Forest - Mini Tree Kits

Eack Mini Tree Kit contains a Mini Book and 7 Key Cards from one of The Magic Forest trees.

The Magic Forest - Mugs

Quality printed ceramic mugs featuring the art of the Magic Forest Book.

The Magic Forest - Badges

Pin Badges featuring the Magic Forest book key words and illustrations.