Summer '24 NEWS
It’s been a while since the last newsletter - thank you for being so patient as ever.

Summer is here - A lot has happened and a lot more is going to happen - yey!

An unabashed celebration of positivity is what is required and this summer is going to be a good one in the land of Park Designs celebration of the joy of everything upbeat.

  • A New Exhibition ‘Lost and Found’ is announced
  • Mugs are fully back in stock
  • Its now easier to find things with 2 new website pages
  • New products are going to continuously appear very soon
  • Park Designs is still moving forward

Moving everything forward

So what’s coming and what’s new
There will be new lines across the board, and a few lovely surprises to boot. Uncharacteristically I’m going to keep sshttum until this actually happens to make it more worthwhile.

With a business hat on I have quietly building the business behind the scenes finding new suppliers and new products at good prices.
As an artist I have been committing to and deciding what is really important to say and as a designer I have been making sure that the quality keeps going upwards.

Just thank you
Thank you for being so patient with me, thank you for staying the course. I am so proud of my customers and suppliers, many of whom have become friends now. The following is growing quite quickly at the moment which is both flattering and humbling since I feel that constant frustration to deliver the next piece and strive to do so relentlessly.

New Products page and a Special Offer page.
The best way for us to move forward was to create a couple of pages on the website. This way the latest products can automatically pop up as they appear at the top of a page and customers don’t have to go through the whole website to find the special offers.

Special Offers Page 

Latest Products Page 

There is FREE DELIVERY on all orders if you use the code PDFREE24 at checkout

Please Note: Only one code can be used at a time.

A New Exhibition

A NEW departure featuring completely new work coming this Autumn.
Si is putting together a series of 'one offs'. He will be hand building original artworks from full scale sculptural steel/wood/paper interactive pieces to small 3D wall art.

‘Lost and Found’
‘This latest artistic work from si homfray explores new ways of looking at your best life. A thoughtful and artistic exploration of the many things you probably need to bring with you, and a few you don’t, to make the most of your biggest journey - life itself’.

Opening October running into November 2024.
with fundraising auction to follow.
More details to follow in the next newsletter.

Park Designs the business

Always striving to be different, to stand out from the crowd and deliver something that is truly heartfelt, positive, meaningful and something you can believe in.

Park Designs still stands for what it has always stood for…

  • 1 Quality - Striving for the best products and professional practises
  • 2 Product - that is actually useful and art that is meaning full
  • 3 Care - for everyone concerned with the project, customers and suppliers alike. Care for everything and how it is made, an environmental sensitivity
  • 4 Passion - A heartfelt love for everything outdoors, the flora and fauna we need to treasure, from National Parks to the smallest patches of loved greenery in our cities.

Living by my principles...
It would be the easier road to sell everyone something with designs and art they may have seen before, to deliver the same old familiarity, but with my artists head on I can’t. With my business head on I can see why I should perhaps compromise, but my dad would never have let me do compromise. His favourite quote after a lifetime of working for big business was ‘be fired with enthusiasm or be fired with enthusiasm’.
I’ll take that dad and will continue to live by it.

On the subject of quality and price

A few NEW Prices and Pricing.
As you are probably well aware I have worked hard to keep prices consistent from day one and for the most part most prices haven’t gone up for nearly six years now. I have made sure there have been no big price hikes and that there has been a pricing consistency with no surprises. This philosophy remains steadfast today.

The exception being the beautiful work of Duchess China and the Fine Bone China Mugs who have had to raise their prices with the last batch.
 Duchess 1888 and their ceramic work is now in the very best of British retailers and I am so proud to be supplied by them alongside the great names of Fortnum and Masons, Harrods, Chatsworth House, The House of Commons and most of the top British designers, in fact just about anyone who is anyone these days retailing the Best ceramics in the world.

Thankyou for reading.

Love and Kindest,





June 06, 2024 — Si Homfray