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Park Designs, originally Peak District Design, is the home of the design styles of artist Si Homfray. Each range offers his pioneering contemporary styles designed and developed to look strong and feel refreshingly different. And now... also features the ground breaking, successful work that is The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing.

Contour Range

The Contour Range of products features the redrawn actual geographical contours of specific places from around the country.

Secret Spots

The Secret Spots Range features a unique colour location ‘spot’ that represents some extraordinary places around the UK. Every special spot on a product has a specific location map reference and description.

Beauty Spots

The Beauty Spots range features products that use the patterns and style of the Beauty Spots maps.

Idyll Range

The Idyll Range of products features the unique thick lined drawing style of Si Homfray. A series of beautiful places from around the countries National Parks and favourite destinations.

If you love nature…

This range of products features the various styles, designs and drawings of Si Homfray. Everything drawn from the wide magnetic pull of the natural world, a celebration of well being and being a part of this planet.

I Love Parks

I Love Parks products features passionate products for the country’s much loved National Parks.

Iconic Range

The Iconic Range of products incorporates designs featuring coloured patterns and small icons of flora and fauna from the natural world.

The Magic Forest

The Magic Forest features the ground breaking wellbeing book, the system as well as the modern art and design of Si Homfray.