Lost & Found- A New Exhibition

A NEW departure featuring all original work coming this Autumn.

Si is putting together a series of 'one offs' original artworks from full scale sculptural steel/wood/paper interactive pieces to small 3D wall art.

Lost and Found

‘This latest artistic work from si homfray explores new ways of looking at your best life. A thoughtful and artistic exploration of the many things you probably need to bring with you, and a few you don’t, to make the most of your biggest journey - life itself’.

Opening October running into November 2024.
with fundraising auction to follow.
More details to follow

‘Fans, friends and followers of Si will find the long anticipated new larger scale ‘sculptural’ pieces, and some unusual fusions of materials and objects.
A series of original pieces, fun playful and interactive - it promises to be a joy.’

June 06, 2024 — Si Homfray