A magic book with magic beans


‘The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing’
launches on the 28th July 2023. It is a new genre of book and a revolutionary new way of looking at wellbeing.

Official Launch
The Magic Forest officially launches at
3pm on Friday 28th July at Trafalgar warehouse in the centre of Sheffield S1 4JT.

The book ‘system’, is in essence an elegant forty nine word system growing from seven trees, a framework that encompasses all aspects of wellbeing providing a complete structure to examine our lives from every angle.

‘Deceptively simple, this book covers all the key aspects of mental and physical health to be explored and understood in the reader’s own time, leaving you empowered with a knowledge and reassurance that it is possible to work your own way through to your best life.’

The book, notebook and accompanying key card tools are the life’s work and creation of Peak District based designer and artist Si Homfray. Lovingly conceived, created and crafted over a decade, it is as simple to embrace as it is visually original.

Come and join Si and friends for what is being billed as the beginning of ‘something special’, and at the very least an exciting new exhibition and a friendly atmosphere in these times where some renewed positivity and a smile are so needed.

Over the weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

  • Art exhibition - 100 + exhibits
  • Book signing - over the weekend
  • Shop - Art and products from the new and existing ranges
  • 6pm Presentations and a talk by Si about the process and thinking behind the system
  • Food, drink, seating & music available everyday

Bar until 10pm Fri and Sat

Products from 28th July
Copies of the book, accompanying products as well as a range of art and launch items will be available online through the website: parkdesigns.co.uk

The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing
ISBN 978-1-7394657-0-4
192pp Hardback


July 04, 2023 — Si Homfray