The outdoors brought indoors.

Wall art and quality giftware inspired by nature.

Contour Range

Designs featuring the actual contours of some special places

Park Designs

Quality, heartfelt, handmade, local products

Hathersage Gallery

Park Designs incorporating Peak District Design

Park Designs

incorporating Peak District Design and Gallery

Welcome to the Park Designs. Quality, considered artwork and giftware by Si Homfray in Hathersage.

  • Handmade and heartfelt art and design inspired by the country’s greatest beauty spots, iconic places to restore well being, and the beautiful landscapes of our country’s National parks.
  • Artwork, Prints, Greetings Cards, Giftware, Homeware, Mugs, Tea-towels, Aprons, Bags, Trays, Stationery and more…
  • The work of Si Homfray, striking and strong design, thoughtful art and giftware that puts a little more colour into life.

Park Designs was originally set up as Peak District Design by Si Homfray after a lifetime working in graphic design with many of the UK’s loved businesses, organisations and brands who share a care for the natural world.

  • It’s all about talking about our great open spaces, our well being and the natural world.
  • Every piece of art and every subsequent product is thoughtfully put together to tell these stories.
  • It’s all about a long term vision of a quality, sustainable and affordable product.

It’s all about great design with a simple business ethic…

All Park Designs products are conceived and designed in a responsible, sustainable way, creating awareness of our great planet and the benefits of using the outdoors and the natural world for well being.

We believe in collaborating with other like minded businesses to create strong product with this purpose always in mind.

The product designs are inspired by everything in our country’s great National Parks. The work is drawn from a lifetime of living in the Peak District, and a great personal love for, all the villages, the wild cragginess, the moorland, the natural beauty and the great open spaces.

The diverse idyll of the Peak District National Park has been over the last 30 plus years a place to exercise, a place to share, a place to breathe, a place to work and a place to rest. I hope you enjoy some of the work.

Si Homfray