A very successful book launch - a few pictures and a video…

There are so many takeaways for this weekend… but the most important one is there was

a whole lot of love

The event glowed from start to finish with an open, all embracing team of kindly individuals and a steady flow of new and existing customers who quickly grasped the sentiment behind the event.

The people involved with and surrounding the whole Park Designs project from the start have been extraordinary. #somanygoodfriends

Wonderful, kind, warm people who enthuse as much as I do about the wellbeing project, my art and the general feeling that has embraced everything and still does, a glow of pride and a sense of warmth that emanates from the sharing and being all part of the same thing.

It’s a warm thing that we all know is necessary right now.

Love as always


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August 15, 2023 — Si Homfray