A magic acorn for today

The Magic Forest system is the life’s work and creation of Peak District based designer and artist Si Homfray. It is now available as a book and a series of exciting new products.

This is the first work of its kind, the tone of the words, the accessible nature of the presentation, the original art and the overall simplicity of strong and colourful key areas makes an interesting impact.

The book is clearly a system, presented as keywords around a framework of trees, the fundamental areas of all of our lives to be examined and it makes for an exciting exhibition and an original piece of art overall and in itself, if only because of the volume of work and the range of craft that has gone into its creation.

It has been very consciously designed as much to intrigue and inspire self-questioning as it is to help you grow your own Magic Forest out of the today’s ‘real problem’, the modern forest of online contradiction and confusion.

The basic premise and an inclusive process.

The starting point was to create an index or summary of everything to be examined. Si set out to create the simplest framework or system possible for self-examination. The project, by his design nature and the need to simplify and communicate in as clear a way as possible, eventually came out of this long and thorough process as some universal truths, backed up by all the friends, colleagues and customers he had worked with to achieve this work along the way.

‘Lovingly conceived, created and crafted over a decade, the system is as simple to embrace as it is visually original’.

A working model for everyone and the book he wished for as a young man.

Frustrated by a lifetime of reading contradictory literature, Si set out to find the simplest way or looking at his own life. This cathartic process was partly motivated by the need to write something for his son and partly to lay to rest a lifetime of personal questioning on his own self-improvement. The end result delivered some unexpected surprises…

‘We are all more similar than we are different, we all need each other and kindness is everything.’

It ultimately created a framework of questions, suggestions and quotations that his thirteen year old self would have loved and would have been grateful for. It produced a system to work through, to build your personal wellbeing and stay strong. It felt good to use and gave him goosebumps. The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing.

The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing

a complete wellbeing system

‘The Magic Forest is a visual system for wellbeing. It is a succinct and elegant system that allows the reader, whether novice or expert, to tackle the complex learning required for complete and balanced physical and mental health - one keyword at a time in a clearly understandable way.’

A fun and easy to use system of 7 trees and 49 keywords.

A unique framework that clearly identifies all the areas for your total wellbeing. Find your own answers for your best self.

July 07, 2023 — Si Homfray