The System Book - The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing


The System Book - The Magic Forest and the nature of wellbeing

This NEW, modern and elegant work breaks new ground. A really useful companion workbook for anybody looking at wellbeing.

‘The Magic Forest is a visual system for wellbeing. It is a succinct and elegant system that allows the reader, whether novice or expert, to tackle the complex learning required for complete and balanced physical and mental health - one keyword at a time in a clearly understandable way.’

• Hardback book and dust cover 216mm x 216mm square shape
• 194 page fully illustrated full colour hard back book
• Poster - 400 mm x 600 mm printed poster of the selector wheel featured on the book cover and the overview of the magic forest trees to the back.

A complete wellbeing system conceived and designed by Si Homfray.

A fun and easy to use system of 7 trees and 49 keywords.
A unique framework that clearly identifies all the areas for your total wellbeing. Find your own answers for your best self.

The Magic Forest system is the life’s work and creation of Peak District based designer and artist Si Homfray. It is now available as this hardback book.

It has been very consciously designed as much to intrigue and inspire self-questioning as it is to help you grow your own Magic Forest out of the today’s ‘real problem’, the modern forest of online contradiction and confusion.

‘Lovingly conceived, created and crafted over a decade, the system is as simple to embrace as it is visually original’.

ISBN = 978-1-7394657-0-4

The book details

The principle trees in the Magic Forest are:

The Tree of Belonging - These words help explore and build your wellbeing your relationships.

The Tree of Purpose  - These words help you improve your sense of purpose though your needs and finding your place in the world.

The Tree of Time - These words help you develop a better wellbeing through an understanding of your time.

The Tree of Your Body - These words help you build a greater understanding of your body.

The Tree of Mindset - These words can help you build your wellbeing through an improved attitude and approach to your life developing an understanding of how your mind works.

The Tree of Mindsight - These words help you build your wellbeing by developing a better understanding of the way you and other people see your world..

The Tree of Self Esteem - These words help you build your personal confidence and self esteem through a better understanding and improved interaction with other people.