We - a few words - Wellbeing - Mug


Title: We - a few words - Wellbeing - Mug
Series: Love Nature Range

Mug: An earthenware mug - 300ml capacity
This product is not dishwasher proof per se, but can be used in the dishwasher for occasional use.

Created: 2023
Artist: Si Homfray

Together, We...

Finally after a lovely evening, a clear head and some down time, a few words came together, as a first draft, for 'We' - my take on what I feel is really important.

The first piece of work from Si Homfray's head in the series, The Magic Forest and the Nature of Wellbeing.


We all need a big passion,
a reason to be.
We all need a big friend,
to share the troubles of the day.
We all need a big giggle,
the reward that loosens our shoulders.

We all need a little care,
the nutrients that fertilise our soil.
We all need a little smile,
the turned corners of a strangers gift.
We all need a little love,
the shared feelings that bond our very being.

We all need to hug,
to closen ties to our humanity.
We all need a place,
to disappear and return refreshed.
We all need to know warmth,
the wrap of a home.

But above all…
we all need to consider the other.
We all need to be together.
We all need to keep being kind,
thoughtful consideration and generosity of spirit.
and… we all need to keep being

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