The Wisdom of the Woods - John Muir - Fleece Blanket

SKU: PD-LN-WOTW-BarnOwls-FleeceThrow146x96

Title: The Wisdom of the Woods - John Muir - Fleece Blanket
Design Range: Love Nature
Size: 146 cm x 96 cm
Pattern: The Wisdom of the Woods to the top and white fleece to the underneath
Created: Feb 2022

Fabric: Fleece - extra thick, super soft.
Finish: Blanket stitch, 40mm radius round corners
Weight: 285g
Wash at 30°C
Made in the UK

Artist: Si Homfray

The Wisdom of the woods - John Muir

A  celebration of the life of John Muir, the grandfather of the world’s National Parks. This colourful piece highlights the wisdom and insight that can be gained from time spent 'out of doors' in our great open spaces and in the grandeur of magnificent scenery.

Central to the work are the two Barn Owls of Love and Kindness, the solution to just about all our problems, and the great spirit of humanity, that makes our whole world a world where anything is possible.

This art from Si Homfray illustrates, though single words, the essential values and questions of all of our lives, exploring what makes a full life. A wise life.

Barn Owls
The barn owl (Latin name: Tyto alba) is the most widely distributed species of owl in the world and one of the most widespread species of birds. It can be found almost everywhere in the world except for the arctic, antarctic and desert regions.

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