The Beautiful Forest - If You Love Nature - Fine Art Print


Title: The Beautiful Forest
Sizes: A3, 50cm x 70cm, 60cm x 84 cm and 70cm x 98 cm

Series: If you love nature…

Print: Full colour, UV resistant archival inks. Giclée digital print to quality paper.
Limited Edition: 125 off all sizes except A3, all signed.
Supplied unframed.
Created: 2023

Artist: Si Homfray


The visual brief was to ‘make nature the hero and give strong contrast to the digital world while creating something that felt good and flowed.’ I felt this worked with the new ‘forest’ words I had put together below. The forest is the subject of the words.

Kindest, Si. 16-11-2023

The beautiful forest

The seeds buried in the forest floor seek enlightenment, mirroring the primitive heart's quest for hidden riches in a happy life.

Love and self-confidence mark the beginning and end of this search. Like saplings growing into trees, our journey unfolds, revealing twists and buds that signify a seasoned start.

Choosing a path of improvement unravels the mystery of the forest.

Nature's majesty reveals its secrets as we navigate challenges.

Bound together in this world, we share a common earth, a soul nurtured from the soil, and a path enriched by human magic.

From the simplicity of a leaf to the grandeur of landscapes, our shared worldly inheritance becomes a cathedral of existence.

The inexplicable oneness of all living things offers rare glimpses, treasured moments. The golden thread sewing us together is the acknowledgment that we are one, equal, interdependent, and this is the beauty.

Despite our flaws and the delusion of being a separate species, we find connection and richness in the eternal colours of flowers blossoming in the driest deserts on Mother Earth.

Doors open as we enter the youthful foliage of a forest, realising potential futures through growth, nurture, and the collective energy of generations.

In the breeze of older years, we extend a gentle wave to those seeking answers, drawing nourishment from the forest floor's water and smiling with the gracious knowledge of a well-lived, dignified life.

Si Homfray 16th November