Sphagnum Sun - Iconic Range Canvas

SKU: PD-ICONIC-SphagnumSun-CANVAS-10x10

Bring your love of the outdoors indoors with our stunning range of Canvas Wall Art.

All of our canvases are handmade in the UK, using the latest printing technology that's then applied to a premium canvas and stretched onto a sustainably-sourced solid wood frame. They're available in four different sizes:

Small - 25cm (10") Square x 3cm Deep
Medium - 36cm (14") Square x 3cm Deep
Large - 51cm (20") Square x 3cm Deep
Very Large - 76cm (30") Square x 3cm Deep
Extra Large - 101cm (40") Square x 3cm Deep

Sphagnum Sun - Iconic Range Canvas
Design Range: Iconic Design Range
Artist: Si Homfray

Sphagnum Sunshine.

This work is a celebration of the cycles of nature and its inextricably connectedness to all our lives. Purposefully radiating sunshine, the natural world is shown as a series of colourful rings of our British countryside fused into the starburst pattern of vital sphagnum moss. Then seated at the core of the work are the three rings of wellbeing, woven into and working with the central eternal knot of our central being.