One. All of us and all of nature - Iconic - Mug

SKU: PD-LN-HeartofthePark2023

Title: One. All of us and all of nature - Iconic - Idyll
Series: Iconic Range

Mug: A ceramic mug - 300ml capacity
This product is not dishwasher proof per se, but can be used in the dishwasher for occasional use.

Created: 2024
Artist: Si Homfray

From the heart of the Peak District…

Featuring the organic branches of a local Peak District oak tree, this work set out to deliver maximum colour within the natural branching shapes, a representation of how connected we all are with all of nature.

The fragmented range of colour represents the inclusivity and the breadth of all of us, as well as the full range of diversity in the natural world.

The centre of the work contains a focus on our place, comprising the historically significant eternal knot, the wellbeing rings from my exploratory project on finding the best of us and a final ring containing an extract from my forthcoming book, a statement of togetherness ‘We are wonderfully humourously, sentimentally bonkers and this universal club of human kind can do amazing things... but only together.

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