If You Love Nature - Two A5 Notepads in a Tin

SKU: PD-IYLN-A5-SB-2-Notebooks-Tin

If You Love Nature... Two A5 Plain pages notepads in a Tin

Design: If you love nature.
Inside front artwork: Features close up detail of the artwork and features the natural world appreciation quotations of John Muir, Shakespeare, Aristotle, Walt Whitman, Ghandi, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Tolstoy among others.

Artist: Si Homfray 2020


x 2 - A5 - Notepads
x 1  - A5 - Tin with If you Love Nature... to the front

Detail: 100 pages of plain notepaper 130gsm per notebook
Matt Laminated (stay clean) 400gsm stiff card cover and back
Spiral bound for easy fold back on itself.

Ideal for drawing and general notes.