Forest Eclipse - Fine Art Print


Title: Forest Eclipse
Series: Iconic Range

Print: Full colour UV resistant archival inks. Giclée digital print to quality paper.
Limited Edition* Run: 125 signed by the artist. ( *500mm large print only )
Supplied: unframed.
Small - 250mm square
Medium - 320mm square
Large - 500mm square

Created: 2019
Artist: Si Homfray

Forest Eclipse – a world of hope
This work is built from a ring of brightly coloured beautiful feathers, originally taken from a series of drawings of Curlew feathers. The ring of feathers were then fused into a ring of forest trees to create an eclipse effect. The eye with the forest eclipse becomes symbolism for our only having one eye on the planet’s welfare. This image is representative of the light, the colour and the optimism as we find our planet’s way forward.
A companion artwork to Feathered Eclipse.