Exercise – Flower Power Zones - Fine Art Print

SKU: ExerciseFPZ-500

Title: Exercise – Flower power zones
Series: I Love Parks

Print: Full colour UV resistant archival inks. Giclée digital print to quality paper.
Limited Edition* Run: 125 signed by the artist. ( *500mm large print only )
Supplied: unframed.
Small - 250mm square
Medium - 320mm square
Large - 500mm square

Created: 2015
Artist: Si Homfray

Pushing through the zones:
Exercise was a design project from 2015 that set out to and describe the many and varied emotions and extraordinary experiences of a long distance run. Si Homfray put this piece together in an an attempt to find a fresh visual concept to describe the humour and strange places that all runners go to from time as they push through the edges of what they thought previously possible. Described in a series of zones, a run might go through a comfort zone, a wobbly zone and an even an out of body zone after prolonged starvation and mild delerium!