Carneddau - Eryri, Snowdonia - Contour Range Canvas


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All of our canvases are handmade in the UK, using the latest printing technology that's then applied to a premium canvas and stretched onto a sustainably-sourced solid wood frame. They're available in four different sizes:

Small - 25cm (10") Square x 3cm Deep
Medium - 36cm (14") Square x 3cm Deep
Large - 51cm (20") Square x 3cm Deep
Very Large - 76cm (30") Square x 3cm Deep
Extra Large - 101cm (40") Square x 3cm Deep

Carneddau - Eryri, Snowdonia - Contour Range Canvas

National Park: Snowdonia - Eryri National Park
Design Range: Contour Range
Artist: Si Homfray

Colourful and contemporary, our now-iconic Contour Range is a joyful celebration of the walks, landscapes and outdoor destinations we know and love.

Carneddau, the Carnedds Contours
This print features, four of the Welsh summits over 3000 feet
• Pen yr Ole Wen, 3208ft
• Carnedd Dafydd, 3425ft
• Carnedd Llewelyn, 3490ft
• Yr Elen, 3156ft
Note: the final three Welsh 300 summits are north of this print
• Foel Grach, 3202ft
• Garnedd Uchaf, 3038ft
• Foel-fras, 3090ft