Si Homfray is a Sheffield and Peak District based artist, graphic and visual communications designer, professional creative, adventurer and author.

Si Homfray is especially passionate about the Peak District and mountains. He is similarly generally enthused about the outdoors and just about everything contained with in it.

Above all he is very passionate about design and all its processes.

Having lived and worked in the Peak District most of his life he lists among his many activities running, cycling, backpacking, climbing and finding obscure hidden places to camp at night.

He has a long history of producing artworks that celebrate the open spaces and inspire or inform people of the great benefits to be had from a lifestyle more immersed in nature. This is motivated by a tireless drive built on the knowledge that it probably improves our ability to be kinder towards each other.

As a younger man Si originally studied Medicine in Sheffield University and went on to found several successful businesses manufacturing and delivering furniture, giftware, graphic design, exhibitions, websites and printed just about everything.

Nowadays Si has an unhealthy interest in the patterns and texture of nature.
In particular he loves the fractal mathematics and geometry of human body tissue and the detail of the images and science behind the new frontiers of pioneering medical scanning techniques.

He chooses to work for the businesses and bodies that support the natural world, national parks and promote healthier active lifestyles in these great outdoor theatres.

Like most restless individuals, his explorations and many adventures have traversed a number of enterprises and have landed him in trouble from time to time. He finds peace and contentment as he approaches his middle years and is always keen to share a good idea.

Si dreams of a world of dry socks, unlimited supplies of ibuprofen and the possible legalisation of magic mushroom tea, that we may all open our minds eye to see what is right under our noses, on every corner in every street, on every footpath of every day of all of our lives.

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