Park life and Balanced well being - Fine Art Print


Title: Park life and Balanced well being
Series: I Love Parks

Print: Full colour UV resistant archival inks. Giclée digital print to quality paper.
Limited Edition* Run: 125 signed by the artist. ( *500mm large print only )
Supplied: unframed.
Small - 250mm square
Medium - 320mm square
Large - 500mm square

Created: 2019
Artist: Si Homfray

The radial arms of a flower that asks the essential questions about the important areas of all our lives...
This infographic work titled Park Life is a summary work that details various areas of life; mental and physical health.
These aspects are part of the artist’s original well being project that describes the importance of looking at all areas to find your own personal balance and inner calm.
Park life, the title, acknowledges the importance outdoor spaces play in achieving any well being goal.