Loveliness - 25 Words - Wellbeing - Fine Art Print

SKU: WB-Loveliness-PRINT-A3

Title: Loveliness - 25 Words - Wellbeing - Fine Art Print
Size: 500mm x  700mm and A3

Series: Wellbeing

Print: Full colour, UV resistant archival inks. Giclée digital print to quality paper.
Limited Edition: 125, signed.
Supplied unframed.
Created: 2022

Artist: Si Homfray

Loveliness - 25 words of maximum loveliness

This design was as a result of a simple brief to create a set of the world's most lovely words just before Christmas 2022

The words include:
Hygge: Danish - a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being
Love: an intense feeling of deep affection
Cosy: giving a feeling of comfort, warmth, and relaxation
Comfy: providing physical ease and relaxation
Snuggle: Settle or move into a warm, comfortable position
Giggle: laugh lightly and repeate in a silly way, from amusement, nervousness, or embarrassment
Lush: very rich and providing great sensory pleasure
Fika: Swedish - a break from activity during which people drink coffee, eat cakes, and relax with others
Gezelligheid: Dutch - being somewhere with nice people, visiting someone or doing something with others that makes you feel at ease.
Ikigai: Japanese - reason of being - Note: Doing something well, the best way you can, can make your life more meaningful.
Forelsket: Danish - That overwhelming gut-rush euphoria exclusive to the beginnings of falling in love
Bagstiv: Danish - when you wake up still drunk from night before
Sympatisk: Danish - sympathetic. nice, pleasant.
Arbejdsglæde: Danish - happiness at work. Arbejde means work and glæde means joy or happiness.
Jo - Danish - Yes
Mysa: Swedish: Cosy
Älskar Swedish: Love
Skönt Swedish: Beautiful or fair
Câlin French: Hug
éclatant: brilliant, dazzling, gleaming
Retrouvailles: French - The happiness of seeing someone again after a long time