Cushion Cover - Curlew

SKU: Iconic-PD-CC-Curlew

Cushion Cover – Curlew

Design Range: Iconic
Size: 45cm square cover
Artist: Si Homfray

• 100% Cotton Half Panama
• Machine washable
• Pre-shrunk
• Made in Leek
• Full colour print with zipper along bottom side
• Cushion cover ONLY*

*Cushion Pads ( Feather and Down ) are available separately.

This drawing of a curlew features a fill texture of sphagnum moss which in turn features a fill texture of 1000’s of wildlife icons from the peak district design wildlife index of park wildlife.
The Eurasian Curlew often seen around the National Park, Numenius arquata, spends much of the year on coasts or estuaries, but migrates north and inland to breed on moorland or grassland. They generally mate for life and are often seen in pairs. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between male and female Curlews other than by bill length. A females’ bill is slightly longer.

Symbolography: This is an original piece of heartfelt artwork created by Si over a number of months in the Summer of 2017 and built around an original concept and idea which has been named symbolography.